Meet Tami and the Family

We are a small family run operation; We’ve been raising and selling grassfed beef since 1999. Prior to that, we raised grassfed beef for ourselves, friends and family, however, with all of the rave reviews we were getting, we decided to expand this portion of our cattle operation. We have expanded slowly over the last few years. With this slow growth we have worked extremely hard to improve our pasture quality and cattle genetics by introducing the Devon breed. Our goal is to raise an animal that will consistently be tender and provide a quality eating experience as well function efficiently on grass. As you can imagine, these changes don’t happen overnight, but we are focused on this goal and are making great strides every year in achieving it.

Another goal we have with our expansion, and we are just as determined to do it, is to stay small enough to have a personal relationship with all of our customers. Our customer feedback is extremely important; it gives us a gauge as to our progress in accomplishing our goal of providing a quality eating experience. We believe that customers have a right to know where their food comes from and how that food is raised. Buying from local farmers & ranchers is the only way to accomplish this.

Thanks for visiting our website and feel free to contact us with any questions. We hope you will give our beef a try; we look forward to meeting you.

Thanks again, Scott, Tami, Codie, and Brock Bowen